Improve your club's practice facility with a custom solution, built just for grass tees.

PractiShot allows golfers to get daily practice yardage directly from your club website and custom-built apps — without GPS, launch monitors, or per golfer subscriptions. Quick access for all your members.

Fast & Easy

All you do is tap your location on the tee, and PractiShot loads all yardages every 10 yards to any spot on the entire range, not just targets. Practice for golfers will improve drastically and it's so much faster than a rangefinder after every shot. Leave your phone on the stand, view after any shot easily. Notes can also be added for range education.

Provide a new service to your membership and improve their practice.


PractiShot Features

WITHOUT GPS or monitors

PractiShot utilizes predetermined distances from satellite imagery to various locations on your range tees. No GPS signal is  required and once it loads, the connection is not needed. So it is typically as accurate as GPS with faster load times. You can provide data to all members instead of the few who have launch monitors.


Yellow "Ladder Lines" extend from each 10 yard marker across the range. This allows golfers to hit straight away, not even at a target, yet still get valuable distance data. Now practice before a round can be calculated for the day's wind, firmness, etc. with ease. Available in standard or enhanced "radius" mode options.


Every range is rendered in visually engaging graphics. Find edges of fairways, targets and more fast. You can insert custom notes as well to education golfers on divots, grass and more. PractiShot can also be used on your club's website to enhance or drive traffic.


Start with our basic Rows position features, or add more detail with Qaudrants+ or Separates enhancements. Both options offer additional options/layout, while Separates allows for a radius effect on Ladder Lines for optimum accuracy from the exact hitting location on the tee.

What Golfers Say

I used to go to the range and just hit shot after shot, not knowing my carry distances at all. I would occasionally use a rangefinder or monitor, but it was a hassle to set up quickly before a round. With PractiShot, all I do is pull up the app, tap my location and I have all kinds of data available on my bag stand at any time. I also learned proper divot pattern from the custom notes in the app. It's a wonderful service provided for every member of the club, and is as easy as a text message.

Member at a PractiShot Club

Did You

PractiShot comes with a custom range sign to always inform members about the app and how to use it. Plus notes can be embedded in app for range education.

Enhance your member experience.

Pricing as low as $39 per month

PractiShot is sold to golf clubs to enhance their member experience. Your club then offers it for free to all members.

One-time setup fee required to render range and establish all tee position yardages. Initial fee varies based on size of range and tee positions desired. Contact us for a free quote for your custom range.

Rows tee position pricing listed above. Additional monthly/annual fees are required for Quadrants+ or Separates tee positions.

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Standard tee positions across all tees at 5 yard intervals. Straight Ladder Lines across the range to match.


Adds additional tee positions for more locations on the tee. Works well for very wide tees at clubs who want a little more customized data or look.


This is a premium option for clubs who want to offer exact yardage to the hitting location, paired with radius Ladder Lines.

Ready to Improve Your Range?

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We love helping clubs provide a better experience to golfers. Our founders have been working in the golf industry for decades. You'll be getting a partner for success in your operation, not just a piece of software. We also offer many other products to enhance your operation.

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PractiShot was created and developed by Playbooks for Golf, a communications and technology company serving the golf industry.

Playbooks offers mapping, software and online solutions to help professionals and companies succeed.




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